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The success of Cymbeline is down to the hard work of the three sisters who decided to revolutionize the bridal industry. This was thirty years ago, in Nemours, at the Seine and the Marne, 60 km from Paris. The three sisters were known for their creativity, experimenting with avant-garde cuts and elaborated fabrics. Mixing the traditional with modern, the sisters knew how to adapt the traditional methods of “haute couture” into modern designs: new techniques using the latest fabrics allowed for the corset designs to be comfortable and supportive, the computerized pattern cutting systems allowed them to obtain lines cut to within a millimetre. But nothing replaced the delicacy of an expert hand for the finesse of the dress. • The introduction of young talented designers into the company ensures fresh ideas are constantly introduced each season. This, along with the handwriting of the three sisters who impose their romantic and modern touch to the brand, attracts brides from all over the world.
The Cymbeline collection is only available in our Nenagh salon.

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